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Written by Julia McDonnell
Monday, 02 May 2016 00:00
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James Patterson & Mark Sullivan
If you are Patterson fan you are going to enjoy this roller coaster of a ride from the private salons of Saudi Princes through to the mean streets of LesBosquets. From breathtaking car chases to luxury yachts of Monaco the action is nonstop and fast paced. The next in the ‘Private’ series Jack Morgan head of a worldwide private investigation agency sets out to find a missing girl but finds himself embroiled in political intrigue that involves the murder of some of Paris’s cultural elite. Patterson shows us a glimpse into the darker aide of the ‘City of Lights’ and all the religious and ethnic tensions that bubble below the surface. Not normally a great fan of the short choppy way Patterson writes I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed finding myself swept up in this sometime thought provoking story. Easy reading…****


Tim Baker
This is a huge début novel mingling fact, fiction and conspiracy in the Mad Man era of America. Taking you from the Kennedy assassination and the sinister cabal involving the White House to present day this book has everything from femme fatal to haunted and wounded heroes looking for redemption. Decades after ‘The shot that was heard around the world’ a young man suspects his father involved in the conspiracy to murder JFK…. And that is only the beginning of his problems. Gripping and dark full of corruption and conspiracy. I found myself re-reading and flipping back and forth as initially found it difficult to get into, glad that I persevered. This is definitely a book to while away a wet weekend. 
Complex. Not for the fainthearted. ****

Alafair Burke
How well do you really know someone? Olivia Randall is one of New York’s best criminal defence lawyers. Twenty years after she broken of her engagement to Jack Harris he is arrested for a triple homicide. Driven by guilt and past regrets Olivia vows to defend Jack but as evidence mounts against him it’s clear that someone is out to frame him. Or could she be wrong and is Jack really a manipulative killer?
Easy to read and keeps you guessing, .***

Hannah Richell
Reeling and grief stricken by the loss of her child and the breakdown of her marriage Lila is mystified when she inherited an isolated cottage.
Desperately needing some peace and quiet she travels to the cottage in the middle of nowhere to retreat and grieve. No amenities and damp the cottage hasn’t been occupied since 1980…still as days go by she becomes curious about the previous occupants and why they seem to have just ‘walked away’ leaving their belongings. why is the cottage hers now? When the sun shines she feels comforted and at home… but sometimes…
Every now and then her skin crawls with the feeling she is being watched. The story is told in two different perspectives 30 years apart… engrossing and elegantly written I have to say that I enjoyed this gentle, clever novel that kept me page turning till the very last page. ****

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