Jazz & Blues Radio Stations
Friday, 06 February 2009 07:26
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If your lifestyle is jazz and you appreciate the sounds of smooth jazz, this is the station to tune into! Music is
streamed in low-speed 32k as well as high-speed 128k stereo. Requires FREE streaming plug-in which you
can choose to install. Visit their website for more info.

Website:  http://www.smoothjazz.com/

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181.FM (Jazz)
A great music site for hanging out! You will find a full range of music to choose from, including Pop, Rock, Latin,
Country, Dance/Techno, Easy Listening and Talk Radio. The "Listen Live' link will play some of the finest smooth
jazz streams that's available on the internet. Enjoy!

listen live buttonWebsite:  http://www.181.fm/

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AccuRadio (Piano Jazz)
The AccuRadio network covers all genres of music and you control the music using a pop-up player. There are
altogether 5 different channels covering Jazz music: Piano Jazz, Jazz Vocals, Guitar Jazz, Saxophone Jazz and
All that Jazz. The 'Listen Live' link will open the Piano Jazz player. It may take a little waiting on occasion before
the stream begins. Visit their website to access the other Jazz channels..

listen live buttonWebsite:  http://www.accuradio.com/jazz/

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BostonPete.com (USA)
Tune in to the 'Jazz Corner' and listen to the best in smooth jazz classics and new releases. This network has
several sub-stations and each one plays a different genre of music. To access the radio network page, log on to
their website and click on the 'Listen to Our Radio Programs' icon at the top left of the Home page.

listen live buttonWebsite:  http://www.bostonpete.com/

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Jazz fm Radio (UK)
The definitive site for jazz-heads everywhere, offering an ever growing archive of more than 200 jazz audio
programs, compiled and presented by the UK's leading jazz experts. Browse their website for other offerings...
sign up for their newsletter or enter competitions.

listen live buttonWebsite:  http://www.jazzfm.com

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Cool Blue fm (New Zealand)
Cool Blue fm has a core of Jazz and Blues, but part of the philosophy is that it is not confined to that. It also
includes elements of R & B, Rock 'n' Roll, Folk, Americana, Cuban and Brazilian, Celtic, European and African music
and more. Hearing music this way often enables the listener to appreciate the roots of the various styles, and also
broadens the appreciation of music that you might not have heard before.

listen live buttonWebsite:  http://www.coolblue.co.nz/

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Sky.fm (Smooth Jazz)
Sky.fm streams a wide range of popular genres of music including New Age, Rock, Salsa, Trance, Deep House,
Eurodance and more. If you are a Jazz fan, click on the 'Listen Live' link to hear an endless stream of the world's
finest smooth jazz for your listening pleasure. Visit their website and select other genres from the 'Listen Now'
drop-down menu.

listen live buttonWebsite:  http://www.sky.fm/

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